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Another "Book Report" - Mischling: A Novel

I finished a book this morning entitled “Mischling: A Novel” by Affinity Konar and thought I’d “report” on my literary journey. I believe I bought the book based on a very positive magazine or newspaper review, I’m not certain where the idea popped up but I do know that it wasn’t “original thought.”  Unusual read for this time of year but, I am what I am and don't get to always choose since I'm sometimes drawn."Mischling's" fictional story centered on one set of twins that lived through Auschwitz and the madman Mengele. The book review was correct, the writing was superb, captivating, and absolutely gripping. The story itself was horrifying and compelling. But the real beauty of the book was author’s way with words which quickly and deftly drew me into the story. Even though I anticipated the horror of where the twins were headed, the art of Konar’s language had me snuggling into the characters’ psyches and I was soon “living” within their frames of reference. Even though the two young girls were surrounded by terror, unthinkable conditions, and unspeakable physical cruelty, they skewed themselves into survivalists that looked at life very differently than any of us could imagine. The beauty of this author’s craft, however, is that she DID have me imagining, almost feeling, the shock, the loss, the determination, and the transformation of these two lives.I was reminded of a non-fiction book I read two years ago by Benjamin Bender, “Glimpses: Through Holocaust and Liberation.” Bender’s book was a true account of his life before the Holocaust, his time in Buchenwald, and his life as a survivor in the last part of the twentieth century. His book was factual and compelling, as if I was sitting at his side listening to him tell me his story. The drama in Bender’s story was not something he added as a “spin” or used as a literary tool, the drama was the story itself, the significant chronicles of his life. In Konar’s book, the drama is very much all encompassing too, except that I felt as if I were side-by-side with the twins on their horror-filled life passage.How long ago the Holocaust seems today. How far away the places and how strange their names. How impossible the horror. What Bender specifically wanted us to do and what Konar so artfully executed is—to remember. And by hopefully by remembering, to ensure that something like this does NOT ever happen again.Lake Accotink Shed 

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