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St Mary of Sorrows Church

I think two churches with this name sort of "co-exist" in the Catholic world...this one is the historic church built in 1858...the other is a modern facility not too, too far away.  This building was the one used by Clara Barton in the Second Battle of Bull Run. She came from Alexandria (she was a clerk in the Patent Office) with a group of volunteers to care for the Union wounded. The weather was awful...hot and pouring rain (August 28-30). The casualties were horeendous, more than 14,000 troops killed, wounded, and/or missing. Hundreds needed medical care and the only dry place for the surgeons was this church that wasn't too far away from the train station to Alexandria. The cemetery around the church contains many of the victims of that battle. Clara and the other volunteers stayed until the last survivors had been evacuated and when the Confederate troops captured and burned the train station, she also left. Today, the church and grounds remain an oasis-like area in the middle of a busy DC suburb. I find it hard to imagine the horror of what the place must have been like in 1862. Mud. Screams. Smell. Heat. Rain. Blood. Death. Today...well, it's peaceful on the grounds. Quiet. Reverent. Hopeful.St Mary of Sorrows

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

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