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Huzzah for An Unsung Hero

Yesterday we stopped in at a bakery to buy a pastry and stumbled onto a dramatic, potentially tragic scene...an elderly man had collapsed moments before our arrival and was not breathing. Two people were with him, one of whom was expertly administering CPR. The stricken man was elderly and pasty white...the color you don't want to see in nature. Pump, pump, pump on his chest. Breathe into his lungs. Pump, pump, pump. Nothing. Pasty white but now with sickly shadows. Another minute, pump, pump, pump. Then, a gasp for air. The color came back...most of it. He was breathing on his own but disoriented. Fairfax County first responders arrived shortly after he awakened, they hooked him up and took him away...but he was sitting up, breathing on his own and seemingly alert and aware. They guy who administered CPR was someone who either worked nearby or was walking past the bakery...he definitely knew what he was doing. Maybe he was an off duty first responder (is there such a thing?) or an EMT or a civilian who paid attention during the CPR class...whatever...he saved that guy's life, he was a hero. Then he just melted into the crowd and disappeared. I think that's what real heroes do.DC First Responders

St Mary of Sorrows Church