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Nostalgia is a powerful force that becomes very compelling with age. When things change I often mourn the loss of the old and smirk at the new, or, at least I do now. I'm not sure that was true a decade or two ago. Of course, two decades equals a generation and that is a lot of intellectual baggage to deal with when thinking about change. I walked down to the river today in Alexandria and noticed lots of changes. The first shot below is today. An empty lot that used to have old wharf warehouses and offices and other buildings. In the distance on the other side of the vacant lot, you can see the new hotel rising above the rubble. When they were digging the foundation for the hotel they found many artifacts from centuries gone by including an old boat of a type unique to this area. New Alexandria RiverscapeThe second shot was taken on December 27, 2012, and is a building that sat at the corner of the lot, just behind where the chain link fence is now. That is, right on the corner where the street ends and the river begins. I imagine what that building might have been like a hundred years ago, or even 50, and possibly even 25. The riverboat "Dandy" sits on the dock just a few yards away, perhaps this building was part of the support facility for the Dandy or other boats. Maybe it was a hangout for river workers or others. I wonder if anyone had actually lived there...imagine how cool it would be to sit on the upper balcony and overlook the river and the life on the river. Alexandria used to be a busy river port...not so much anymore. I have all these fantasies in my head about the old building, I guess that's nostalgia. Which is pretty much all that's left of that part of town.Alexandria Riverscape Building

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