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Aunt Edie

My aunt Edie passed away two days ago. She had been slowly fading for awhile, well, sort of fading, her smile never diminished. She lived in Southern California...we visited her just a few short months ago. She was my mom's sister and was another mother to me. She left South Dakota for SoCal after marrying Uncle Bob and never looked back. The two of them began a roller coaster-like, fun-filled, adventurous life together. Uncle Bob passed away three yearsAunt Edieago...the same time of the year.Edie was an important influence on my life and consequently on my family's, too. Whenever I think of SoCal, I will think of her, of Uncle Bob, and their kids---my cousins who are my "other siblings." I love remembering the things she did...how she reacted sometimes to the crazy stuff Uncle Bob would want to do (usually involving fishing). Sometimes she was a little stubborn, a trait from the Jones family which skipped my generation (smile). She loved golf, good food, watching Bob fish, but most especially she delighted in being with her family. Although she loved living in the San Diego area, she really loved it when they moved to Orange County to be close to all of her children.Whenever we visited she treated us like royalty, well, perhaps not royalty but she treated us (all five of us) as if we were her own kids. Even when her body was slowing her down and her mind was hitting the occasional speed bump, she would go out of her way to make us feel loved and at home in her house.She never stopped trying to get me to move to the California coast. She loved the weather, the landscape, and the people. She didn't appreciate that I worried about earthquakes, deserts, rattlesnakes, coyotes, etc., because she said that was just part of the glory of California life. One quick story, my Uncle Bob really enjoyed Jack Daniels, so much so that when they lived in the San Diego area he modified their refrigerator. He changed the internal cold water plumbing so that instead of water, the fridge dispensed Jack Daniels! I am pretty sure he did not consult his bride about this modification because each time he would say to me, "Try out my JD dispenser!" Aunt Edie would make some sort of "Tsk, Tsk" like sound and say, "Oh, Bob!"Thanks, Edie, for all the wonderful things you did for so many people. Cheers!Edie's Southern California


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