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Birmingham Homeless

I look for things other folks may not notice and I try to photograph them from a slightly different perspective. When I was on my sunrise walkabout in Birmingham last week, I could not actually see the sun coming up...the closest to to a real sunrise I could find was watching the reflection of the rising sun reflecting from one building to another. That's kind of unusual...but...perhaps not really. If you look in all directions during a sunrise you may find some really pleasant surprises, and, if you're in a city, you have to look up and look all around to really enjoy the moment.Birmingham SunriseI admit I found the mostly abandoned streets intriguing. The homeless were waking to a normal day; I did not sense panic or hopelessness in them; most seemed to be moving to Linn Park where food trucks apparently often show up to bring sustenance. I wondered, of course, about their stories because I always think, "There but for the grace of God, go I." But, I didn't ask anyone.  I wondered if I were in any danger and I assumed that no, I wasn't...at least at first. As more people joined Robert and I, I wasn't so sure, not because of any specific act, innuendo, threat, or really anything, it was just because there were more people, and, I didn't know them. Fear is a powerful emotion that transcends reality...I look up, I see the sun bouncing off buildings and I admire the architecture, the skyline, the dollars it takes to maintain this financial district. Then, I look down and I see Robert, I see old buildings, I see derelicts, I see empty streets on the weekend. I don't see the scars of Birmingham...the days of the 60s and 70s...days that forever marked our nation's face.I think that maybe I need to look harder. 

Giving Thanks

La Paree in Birmingham