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La Paree in Birmingham

On my early morning walkabout last weekend in Birmingham, I found these two buildings...they looked like they'd been vacant quite a while. The architecture was similar to movie theaters of yesteryear which intrigued me, but, perhaps that's the way it was back in the day in Birmingham. I tried to find some information about the two places and found a little bit only about La Paree. The place had its real beginnings after WWII and according to Birmingham Wiki, "La Paree was known as one of the top downtown restaurants in Birmingham, attracting politicians and business executives to its then dark-paneled dining room alongside office and industrial workers from all over downtown. Signature dishes included shish kebab, pilaf rice and spaghetti with burnt butter.  Matsos provided free meals to the doorman at the nearby Tutwiler Hotel to drum up business." I think La Paree closed in 2008. I found other pictures of the place on the internet, with different real estate agents. You can lease this "historic" building for on $42,000/yr plus more (NNN)...of course, it's a shell so you'd have to build it all out. And...they apparently roll the streets up in Birmingham at 6 p.m. so you'd probably want to NOT be in the hospitality business but rather a boutique shop of lawyers, accountants, investors, etc.The second shot is looking from La Paree to the relatively new Viva Health building that is literally right next door. In the entryway of La Paree was a shelf structure with rolled up blankets, water bottles, and wrapped plastic sacks. I'm guessing it's a storage area for the homeless most of whom were heading for the food trucks at the park a couple of blocks away.La Paree & Cameo Cafe - Birmingham, ALLa Paree & Viva Health - Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Homeless

Homeless in Birmingham