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A few days ago I went to a Civil War battleground in Manassas at sunrise. I was the only one there for a while (except the Rangers). Quiet. Chilly. Clear skies. Many pictures. Lots of thoughts. The men and women who died for the preservation of our country over the past 200+ years will be remembered this Friday. Even as we head to the polls today in one of our nation's worst electoral choices, we need to remember that the rights and responsibilities we enjoy were won by hard fought battles on our own lands as well as places far, far away. The shot below is a composite of the Manassas Battlefield, Vietnam War Memorial, World War II Memorial, USAF Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. Please get out to vote...remember those who died so that you could vote and that your vote would matter.Veteran's Day Composite

Homeless in Birmingham

Birds, Birds, Finch