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The Bee's Knees

Some time ago I went to one of my favorite gardens (Green Spring) and plopped myself down in the middle of a flower bed (no flowers were harmed!!). I was a bit younger then and all the leg and shoulder joints worked pretty much like original equipment and so I was able to get down and dirty with the flora and fauna. The sun was just coming over the horizon when I finally got set up and I was able to catch these bees on the purple flowers. I have no idea what kind of bee it is nor do I know what the flower is that the critter is sitting on. I am going to find out though since the picture below was selected (as one of many, many others) to be displayed in the Nature Vision Photo Expo 2016 in Manassas next month. The Expo is three days long and I've signed up for several presentations during the weekend. I will probably walk by my photo several times, just to smile.Morning Dew


Sunrise In Hesperia