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Sunrise In Hesperia

The desert really is a wondrous place...full of beauty, extremes, surprises, and much more. Several years ago I was wandering about my sister-in-law's neighborhoods imagining scorpions and rattlesnakes around each rock. I'm surprised I even noticed the sun coming over the horizon based on my preoccupation of scary creatures. Sunrise is sort of a magic time in the desert, the coming together of the night and day creatures, the time for all smart critters to find shelter from the upcoming heat. I sometimes think I might want to live in the desert but then I remember the heat, the wind, the blowing sand, those terrible, awful snakes, the never ending quest for water and cool air...and then, I'm happy to visit, walkabout in the morning, and then leave. But I always want to go back. This shot was taken at sunrise, overlooking Hesperia, the Mojave River, and the Ord Mountains. It truly is majestic.Hesperia Sunrise

The Bee's Knees

Tuner Evolution - Panda Junction