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Burke Lake Is Coming Back!

At last, the water is coming back. At least I think the level is rising. Not a lot but then we haven't had much rain or snow so the runoff is miniscule. I went out this morning to take a look and sure enough, the water looked higher. The level is still well below where it was a year ago but compared to what it was a few weeks ago, there is progress. The weather this morning was absolutely perfect, temperature around 40F with clear skies and no wind. I didn't get there as early as I should have but...hey...schedule, shmedule. The light was still okay and the ice on the lake gave the sea gulls a great place to sit. And quiet! Wow, the quiet was deafening. I could hear the geese from all over the lake. I don't like geese. They poop everywhere. The first shot is of the dock from a place close to where I took the previous one. The second is of the train tracks in the "forest" just next to the lake and you can still see the "land bar" from the water's lower than normal level.Burke Lake Dock, Water Is Rising!Tracks At Burke Lake 

Blue Heron - I Think

Clifton Union Cemetery