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It's really not all black and white & especially it's not black or white

This campaign has really amazed me on so many levels. My endorsement resulted in a lot of negative barbs and some hate mail from "friends." Not unexpected, but disappointingly sad. I guess what REALLY almost amazes me beyond all belief is that all of the hateful, racist things Trump says are okay with his supporters...but that's NOT the amazing thing...the amazing thing is that the Clinton supporters don't get that! They say that Trump is awful and therefore Hillary is good. Read the polls, my liberal friends, listen to the people on the streets. They DO NOT CARE what Trump says or does, they absolutely do not care who Trump is, they do not care what might happen if Trump is elected, the only thing that matters is that they absolutely do not want Clinton. I'd like to say that again but I've probably lost most of my readers by now. And Hillary, she has done nothing to change that and in fact, she makes it worse. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Incredible.This shot is from Tampa, FL. Well Fargo Bank. You've probably heard of them by now.Tampa, Florida

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Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2016