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And so, I endorse...

I did not watch the debate, the live debate that is, but I did end up watching all of the "show" in a series of snippets over the last day or so. We are in a sad place right now.Let me preface my statement with: I don't like either of them very much...well, not at all.  But what I saw of the debate saddened me to the point where I can't really find the words (for those of you who know me, you know that seldom happens).  I'm speechless because what is coming out of Donald Trump's mouth is evidently supported by almost half of America. The hate is no longer just a campaign technique, it's very close to becoming a government policy. Scratch the veneer from the Donald's surface and apparently you get down to the place where he really emerges...he hates everyone who is not his image of what life should be...thin, white, healthy and preferably wealthy. Will we shut down efforts to discover more about the disease of obesity? Cancer? MS? ALS? Where does the next wall go up? Around a city? Around a neighborhood? Who will be rounded up for exportation or imprisonment and who will decide who that group is? Will we create a special forces of federal police to do the rounding up and enforce the walls?So yes, I've forsaken my neutrality and will vote for Hillary (I've changed my position on disclosure). Voting for the Greens or Libertarians is the same as voting for Trump. I'll vote for her not because I think she is superb because she is way, way, way far from superb, but ONLY to keep Trump from becoming president. The Donald. He is really scary. And what's really scary is that half of America apparently thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. If he loses, however,  Ted Cruz might become the heir apparent of the party and...that's even scarier.  And we may look back to this year and wished the Donald had won.Bugati

History...repeating itself? No, just art