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A Milestone

Yesterday, we helped Kelsey move into her dorm room and begin this new and exciting phase in her life. The commute was awful, four hours each way...no doubt because of the beach traffic. And hot...wow, if it wasn't the hottest day of the year, it was in the top 5.  Fortunately, the university had special handling for new freshman and the move from the car to the room was painless, like a valet service! Of course, this day was not without emotion but the emotion was buoyed by the excitement of this new place she finds herself. We miss her here but we are glad she has successfully launched! We are proud of all of our kids for being so engaged with one another and focused on doing well "in the now" as well as looking over the horizon for all the opportunities and byways. We all went down, lots of smiles and hugs. And then, "So long, for now!"Kelsey, Kyle, Kirsten


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