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Night Visitors

Our front yard remains busy most of the day and night. The night visitors are raccoons, fox, and flying squirrels. They don't like to pose and seldom do I get a chance to get very close. Tonight, a very young (and not yet afraid) raccoon was on the squirrel feeder. Each night, we are also visited by at least a dozen tiny flying squirrels. But they are VERY bashful. Coming home after dark, the young raccoon was chowing down on the squirrel feeder and the flying squirrels raced away when we walked from the car to the front door. But I had a camera with a flash and here's the result: young raccoon on right side of tree, one of a dozen flying squirrels on the left. And they constantly compete for the food.Raccoon and flying squirrels

Osprey Bringing Home Breakfast

California Walkabout