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Broken People -

Hate is apparently the fastest growing family value, even more pervasive than Pokemon Go. I see hate examples in mall parking lots, little league ball games, walking in the streets, and well, lots of places where adults encourage their children to be bullies and to create fear in others--by parental example! Road ragers, dance moms, sports dads, all teaching their kids that obnoxious, hateful behavior is not only the norm, but, should be fine tuned into something suitable for a reality TV show. Overlay an economic and/or social level without hope onto that foundation of hate, and soon the violence begins. Inevitably the talking heads point to religion, politics or the economy to explain why...and those may all be factors. However, none of those problematic issues can be solved by killing our way out. None. There is a basic set of human values that many have put behind them to further their economic status or their political power or their social dominance. Those people are broken. The majority of the people are NOT broken, why are we letting this happen?Terror 


Dante's Inferno...or ours