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Dante's Inferno...or ours

I mourn for the dead, the innocent victims in Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas. But there are others, in most states, in most of America.  We as a country seem to be imploding or eroding or exploding or something...none of it good. All of us have prayed, ranted, posted posts and tweeted tweets. And still, the country is turning into a real-life first person shooter video game. It's all about the hate, the "respect me or else," and, "I am more righteous than you."  It starts at the top. It starts at the bottom. It clashes in the middle. Everywhere.Congress...what a fail and they continue to fail. Everyday.  The presidential election is like a sideshow on a reality TV circus. Any moment now, I expect Jerry Springer to come leaping out and manage a presidential debate. However, I think this is really all our fault. Like history's Roman games and today's football matches, we thirst for the violence and the spectacle. We will tailgate to it, drink to it, and make TV series from it...the violence and the spectacle. We somehow managed to nominate two of the most despised-despicable people in our country to lead us out of this mess we are in and be the face of America. How sad.But for now...remember the families left behind from these madman murderers and try to imagine where they find hope. We are disillusioned and we should be...perhaps the generation that is leaving college and high school now will figure it out. If they can get out of debt long enough to imagine a better way.Dante's Inferno

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