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Today marks the 240th anniversary of the official adoption date of our Declaration of Independence.Happy Birthday AmericaCertainly a day of courage and hope for our forefathers as they could only imagine the impact of what they were doing. Yesterday our pastor, Reggie Tuck, posited what they may have thought...perhaps what they actually DID think and mean when they wrote the Declaration's words. Reggie said, and I paraphrase, just because you have the "right" to do something does not mean you should do that thing. At best, doing something should help others (not just you) and at worst...do no harm. I agree.I would guess, however, that finger pointing, name calling, emotional ranting, and more were part of the process some 240 years ago, but somehow, some way, in some fashion...reason, compromise, and the greater good triumphed. A promise and a path...how are we doing? Happy Birthday America! 

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