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Signature Theatre

Last night we went to Signature Theatre in Shirlington to see "la cage au folles."  The performance made us laugh and smile more than any other single event in years and we weren't the only ones, the entire audience was captivated! The set was imaginative & compelling and when combined with outstanding acting, choreography and music...well, just truly a theater experience that can only be described as wonderfully "immersive."  The cast was superb with standout performances all around but particularly Bobby Smith (Albin) and Brent Barrett (Georges). Bobby Smith's Albin was perfectly played with emotion, flair, drama and humanity. The audience seemed to live the play through his eyes...saddened when he was unfairly treated and viewed, joyful when realizing the gifts of love weren't conditional. Brent Barrett brought his character's life onto the stage through powerful vocals and absolutely convincing emotional intimacy. Dancing, singing, and emotion all delivered by the entire cast with an artistic edge deserving a standing ovation. What fun! What a truly, truly outstanding company put together for this superbly directed by Matthew Gardiner. Bravo!And then Saturday morning! Back to real life but great weather and lots of people walking in the market. The veggies are at a high and many people were out and about. The first shot is tomatoes, which really are the best of all veggies. The second is of some folks demonstrating how to make a chard/strawberry with balsamic vinaigrette and the third is of a vendor and her really cool dress.Tomatoes at the market Salad Making at the Market Vendor with awesome dress 

Rock & Roll In The Park

Potomac gathering