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Holiday Photos!

I had a chance to set up my lights for a couple of days. I guess the family was indulging me, in fact, I know they were since they all gave me an opportunity to take their photos. I had a lot of fun and I am pretty sure they did, too. Kyle was a bit of a troublemaker as he kept his sisters constantly on guard. Lots of laughter and goofing around which is what the time together should be...not that we ever squabble!!  I still struggle with the lighting. I had blamed it on the small space and low ceilings but I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I could simplify a bit and optimize the space. The walls are dark but the ceiling is white so...next time I will try a slightly different setup. For this I was using three lights, all softboxes. I had two in front--one at a distance for fill and the other was large and relatively close. At the right side, lighting the subjects from behind, I had a vertical softbox with a grid. I had tried a glamor light for the high key but thought there was too much light. I think I might go to just two lights--one a Paul Buff PLM for the front and just a background light. Won't be soon because all the stuff is torn down now but...maybe in a couple of weeks. This shot is of Diane who has been EXTRAORDINARILY patient with me as I experiment. Over the next few days, I will add more of the rest of the crew.Diane

Minnesota Vikings Fan Extraordinaire!!

Sunken Burke Lake