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Father's Day

A shout out to all the fathers (and mothers) out there. Parenting is a continually challenging and rewarding thing-to-do and I'm guessing that most of us get into parenting without truly appreciating what all those challenges and rewards will be. I'm still looking for the "Parenting Guide To The Universe." The differences each of us brings into the world is what makes life (and parenting) a ginormous Rubic's cube with so many possible inputs and outcomes that the mind is boggled...or at least mine is. As we celebrate today, I reflect back on the last week or two and am smiling. Kyle has finished middle school, is playing well at baseball, is a superb flautist and is quickly learning a lot about the real world. Kirsten's school summer has started off  really well, her job search has landed three interviews already, and Simba is getting along with one of the cats. Kelsey has finished high school, enhanced her social calendar and is getting serious about leaving the nest for college. Diane and I are hanging on...we're going to miss this.

Father's Day