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I did a short walk about today...in Tyson's Corner. Not where I usually go because it's not like real life but when driving by I saw this building that just really caught my attention. The building was still under construction but completely glassed in AND I could see completely through it. Best of all, there was a parking garage right next door! So off I headed but couldn't get into the parking garage with my car. I parked close by and walked to the stairwell on the first floor and went up several "floors" until I was told that the stairwell I was in was closed for construction or something. So...off to another place...I wanted to be on the roof or as close as I could get to the top. Eleven floors later of walking (well, maybe they mis-numbered), I was at the top floor and wasn't disappointed with my vantage point. This parking garage thingie is something my sister-in-law taught...look for the parking garage---go to the top!!! This shot clearly shows the building under construction, the world behind the building, and the reflection of all things around me. A good photo day.Not a good day, however, for the families of the victims in Orlando. Congress won't even have an honest debate. How am I not surprised?  We end up with candidates like Clinton and Trump because "discourse" has been overruled by the Holy Dollar and Bullying.  I guess we will just go on living like this...Eisenhower had no idea how influential and granular the "Military-Industrial Complex" would become.Tyson's

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