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Hummingbird Fountain

At last we have installed our hummer fountain, a handmade masterpiece by Gary Hartz. I was sitting on the deck this morning waiting for an actual hummingbird to stop by and three did, or it could have been the same one three times. I can't recognize the individuals like my sister-in-law Chris, she knows each of the dozens that seem to populate her yard and has named each one. Nonetheless, there were sitings, however, none stopped at the fountain...probably because I was there, and Kirsten's dog Simba was also watching. I took a snap of the fountain as the sun was starting to peek through the trees, I had a difficult time keeping the bird figurines from blowing out so I started messing with the settings and was pleasantly surprised by some of the results. The first "normal" shot was 1/320, f/2.8, ISO1000. Without any Photoshop the next shot shows what happens when I increased the f-stop to 9.0. The background "mostly" went away leaving me with just the figures and the water. The 1/320 shutter speed froze some of the water inflight. The last of the three shots is a Photoshop conversion to black and white of the second shot plus a close crop.Hummingbird FountainHummingbird Fountain Hummingbird Fountain


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