Welcome! This is the place I write about Things I Notice in my daily walkabouts as well as what I might think about things in my world.

A quiet day

I did a short walkabout this morning...in a very different place than normal...Tyson's Corner. There is nothing really quiet or contemplative about most places in Tyson's but I managed to find a few park like settings around the office buildings and apartment complexes. I imagine that the quiet buildings and their grounds were quiet only because of the Memorial Day weekend. Although there wasn't true peace and quiet, relatively speaking, there was no one about in many of the places I walked. Tyson's is on the verge of being a major center for something...retail, I guess. Although many offices and upscale organizations are moving in and making the place their home. One of the buildings caught my eye because the building did NOT look real, rather like a painting or a cutout or a caricature of a building. I boosted the sky a little but this is mostly what you see. Strange.  I like to think I was just lucky (err, good) enough to catch the perfect light. Yep. That's my story.Tyson's Corner High Rise 

Rain Forest?