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Birds and another rainy day!

Rain, rain, rain. This is some sort of record, I think. I may grow webs between my toes! Most of the day was quiet and wet so I stayed close to the house. I sat on the porch and took the shots below, if you look closely at some of them you can see the raindrops coming down. They show as vertical streaks on the photos. This is the little camera...not bad. We have lots of woodpeckers that grace the front yard. One of my favorites is the Red-bellied, he is quite bold and defends himself well against the starlings.Red-bellied Woodpecker______________________________________In fact, he was quite persistent about getting most if not all of the food.Red-bellied Woodpecker______________________________________The last little guy is a downy woodpecker. Diane says that they are friendly.Downy Woodpecker______________________________________And, of course, the handsome, bold, brave Bluejay. He's sort of the king of it all. You can easily see the streaks of rain in the background.Blue Jay


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