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Kings Dominion

Yesterday, Diane and I went with Kyle on a "band trip;"  the band played in a "festival" where they won top marks and then, off to Kings Dominion for a half day of fun. Well, there were 380 kids on this trip...8 busses and so fun is relative. We walked through the park to sort of eyeball what was going on and try to keep track of all the middle school adventures we could see. I went to the top of the "Eiffel Tower" which, because of my fear of heights. is a challenge. However, the top is sort of caged in and so I felt reasonably certain I wasn't going to leap of the edge. I took the shot below of one of the roller coasters, I increased the time of the exposure to introduce the speed of the car into the picture. All hand held.Kings Dominion Roller Coaster


Lunch in Old Town - Fontaine Caffe and Crêperie