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Sunken Burke Lake

The apparent desolation of a lake that is gone is an interesting "feeling." At least for me. The harm to the lake seems permanent because how do you do this to a lake! But on the other hand, I'm told that the lowering is just temporary. Somehow, when you lower a level, be it lake, standards, or whatever, when that thing comes back, it's not quite the same. I will go back over the holidays to see what the differences might be from when I took this shot some weeks ago. The time was morning, not real early but the sun wasn't too high yet. You can get a flavor by looking at the docking poles. Forlorn...that's the feeling. The first shot is how I framed the shot in the camera, the second is me doing some cropping. Not sure which I like the best.Burke Lake SinkingDifferent Framing of a Sinking Lake 

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