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Light Painting

Although I am not officially an "invalid" because I can move about, I notice that the "helpless" mantle that I've apparently donned because of the weird sling gadget on my left side gives me some level of sympathy from others. However, I do note that there is an apparent difference on the sympathy level based on the age of the person I'm dealing with at the time. Now this is an extraordinarily small sample group so I'm sure it's not representative...but it is an observation:  I have a heck of a time opening doors when I am carrying anything with my "good" side, most notably at stores like Starbucks 7-11. the grocery store, etc. People my age or so will wait the extra 2-3 seconds and hold the door open for me...teenagers...not so much. Fortunately, I know that this sampling is not representative of the entire group because my teenage children are polite and would hold the door open for anyone...bad arm or not. Ah well. Rant over.Back to my day: it's going to rain all day, I might melt in the downpour, I have no energy, I'm ready for a lazy day...but, I needed to do SOMETHING. So I pulled out some old camera gear and took this photo. The newest camera in the group is at the back, a D80 built in 2006. Next to it is a film Nikon N6006 built in 1990. On the right is a Kodak No. 1 Kodamatic from the 1930s. Next to it in the middle is an Argus C3 from the 1940s. The last two were owned by my grandfather, a newspaperman. The one on the far left is a Bronica SQ-Ai lent to me by my sis-in-law; they started building these in 1990. The photo is taken in a darkened room. I used a narrow beamed penlight to "paint" the light into the photo. I converted the shot to B&W since I think that's sort of the mood.Light Painting Color - "Antique" CamerasLight Painting B&W Antique Cameras 

Lunch in Old Town - Fontaine Caffe and Crêperie