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Shirlington Walkabout!!!

I was out for a bit today...recuperating by getting some needed sunshine.  I will be in the recuperation phase for a long while but better than the alternative! I did a brief walkabout in Shirlington today and did it with another camera, one that's about one-third the size of my regular camera (which may be going away, but shoosh...I don't want it to hear!). This one has more buttons than the F-16 I used to fly and so the learning curve is steeper than I'd anticipated but I really like the size. I sat down to have a coffee at Peete's at an available chair at a table with the gentleman in the first shot. He was an economist...William is his name. He's working with other countries to investigate economic diversity as one means of strengthening their economies. Probably an uphill battle. I loved the color of his shirt and tie, we spent about 20 minutes together enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures and small talk and strong coffee.William__________________________Next, I moved on to a new restaurant on the corner across from Peete's. Diane and I had been there almost three years ago when it was an Italian placed called "Extra Virgin." I thought the Extra Virgin photo I took then was a good one and I think the one I took today is still a cool capture. But now, it's a Palette 22, a very cool restaurant with good food, artwork on the walls, and ARTISTS at work! Really. The food was tapas-like, tasty, and easy to share. I think you should go.Palette 22__________________________AND!! An artist---Jordann Wine-- was hard at work just a few feet away from us. She was very focused and I didn't want to interrupt (too much)  she with displaying reflective/shaped light and shows how light changes our views. Hmmm...sounds familiar. She had some of her work on display next to her "palette" and there was more on the wall back towards the bar entrance...very, cool stuff. I did break in for a brief "hello" and asked to take the shot below. Sadly, since I'm one armed now for a bit, I didn't get all the buttons set properly and so ended up shooting at 1/8 sec so there's blur, but not a lot. In any event, give Jordann's site a visit and drop by Palette 22 to see her work and the works of many others. It really is a neat place.Jordann Wine 

Rainy Day

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