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An Elegant Lady

I hesitated when I wrote the headline because (1) I'm not sure if buildings should be referred to as "ladies," and, (2) the introduction as lady is supposed to be as in a "Grand Dame" sort of lady, and, that really isn't clear until you look at the picture and read the story. And in truth, the story of this building, Blackstone, and Ft Pickett is much more complex than this blog post could ever hope to capture.I spent the weekend at a church event in the VA United Methodist Assembly Center in Blackstone, VA. The building was originally the home of the Blackstone College for Girls...Bea Author is an Alum. I'm not sure when this particular building was completed, perhaps in the 1920s, maybe earlier, maybe later...but it truly is a fascinating place and an homage to days gone by. Blackstone is in southern Virginia and the stars and bars flags are prominent everywhere. That bothers me because I think of that flag as a symbol of hate and fear (as in, I will not stop to take a picture at any of the many farms and houses in that part of VA that fly the flag), and yet I wonder if there is some non-hateful dimension I am missing. I don't think so...I'm pretty sure it's all about racism but, I've been wrong twice before and could be wrong again.In any event, this is an absolutely awesome place and I felt as if I had taken a trip in a time machine. The Methodist group that is trying to exist in this place while saving the building has a significant challenge in front of them. And yet, the sheer pleasure of seeing the gymnasium, the "walking track," the "quiet rooms," all as they had been almost 100 years ago was nothing less than breathtaking. The first shot is of the old "Main Entrance" at sunrise. There are three floors with classrooms, dorm rooms, bunk rooms, a swimming pool, chapels, kitchens, etc.  There is a connecting building with an auditorium, gymnasium, and elevated "walking track." The second shot is of the gymnasium, and, you can see the walking track at the sides and above. The floors are the original wooden game floors. What memories.Sunrise at VAUMACBlackstone College For Girls Gym


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