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Sunrise, Always Good To Have Them

Every sunrise is awesome! I remember having to change my thoughts about sunrises when I lived in Iceland for a year. I arrived on the Island in July and so the sun was pretty much up all of the time and there was no traditional sunrise. Same thing in the middle of winter, there was light but I don't remember if the sun actually peeked its head over the horizon. It probably did, I was just inside during the short time of light. That's one reason I enjoyed flying because we actually got to see the sun.On my runabout yesterday, I brought an extra lens...a wide angle, since I hadn't used the thing in months and was having a time remembering what I should feel when looking through the viewfinder. I was immediately reminded of the significant change in perspective as I moved the lens up and down trying to find the sweet spot. This shot was taken at 14mm, ISO 3200, 1/400, f/11. The lens is bending the clouds since the "sweet spot" was the horizon including the Wilson Bridge (you have to squint to see the bridge). This is actually an HDR merge of five shots. This wasn't on a tripod, I steadied the camera on a pier piling. I am sure the seagull droppings were sterile.Wilson Bridge at Sunrise

Medium Format Black & White

Old Town Alexandria