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Not too long ago I became interested in medium format (MF) photography because I read that the quality of the photos was awesome. Alright!! So I sez to myself, "I'll start 'window" shopping."  I went online and OMG, Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! The cheapest camera I found was more than $5,000 and then with the required "digital back" the cost approached $15,000! Dollars. If I were in Norway, that would be almost 130,000 krone. In Japan 1,700,000 Yen. These are all very, very big numbers!! And then one has to buy lenses. Oh my.Well, the thought of buying a MF camera went the way of spats. Some photographers have resorted to taking their medium format pictures with OLDER machines that use film... And then I remembered that my sister-in-law, Debby (an awesome photographer) used to do film and that she had an old Bronica. And so I worked up the nerve to ask her if I could borrow the beast and she said, "Sure, for a while." When the package arrived I was like a kid at Christmas, I ran out, got some film and went off to the lake. Did I mention the temperature was 25 degrees? It was cold!!The Bronica is in awesome condition. But...there are some things that aren't the same. Starting with the film thing. It's been 50 years since I've regularly done film. And it's not as easy as it should be, or maybe my fingers and brain don't work like they did in 1967. The second thing is that it's not metered! I dragged my light meter along and tried to remember how it worked without studio lights, altho I think it's good practice. There's no autofocus either so getting the focus sharp was a challenge because the image is REVERSED in the look down view finder!!!! I was constantly disoriented. But I had fun. It was composition at the base level...everything. Which was awesome practice. I had a tripod, a light meter, a giant camera, and a slide "plate" that made me feel like I came from an episode of "Dodge City." I stumbled through about an hour of juggling all of that equipment, loading film, testing the light, getting dizzy tilting the viewfinder this way and that, trying to read the online camera documentation (on my iPhone), and after one HOUR, I took two rolls. One color, one B&W. And, I ruined one roll of B&W.And then...where are my frickin' pictures???? Oh yeah, it's all about the film thing. I have to wait. BUT, before I even get to wait, I have to pay. I've already paid for the film and now I have to pay to have the film developed!! But, I say smartly, "Just scan to a CD." And, I left. Came back FIVE DAYS later to pick up my products. NO prints, only the developed film and the CD. And the CD had 1.2 megapixel images so apparently there's little value in the MF. Sad, sad, sad. Not sure how I am going to do this. I will puzzle it out. The following is a shot  from the color roll. You'll note it's square because the format is 6x6. Wish me luck. And thanks, Debby!! It's fun.Burke Lake


Oh, Deer!