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Inside Kind Of Weekend

I managed to get some sort of "bug" yesterday and so I've spent the day inside...not all bad, I think I may have needed the rest (naps are underrated). I am taking another class on portraiture, a review really. I took the same class six years ago and put some of the shots on my TooMagic site. It's a good review and there are some knowledge gaps left after the last class and so now I will hopefully fill them in. Although I took some shots last week, I won't be putting them up...at least not yet.We got another cat. Her name is Melody. She's a rescue, about a year old. Small. Very talkative. Mistakenly thought of as a feral cat so when she was captured, her ear was clipped. But they determined she wasn't wild and so didn't release her. We have her now, she has a great personality and loves to play. She fetches; yep, when you throw a toy away from her, she brings it back. Sadly, the oldest of the cats, Mandi, is not at all happy that Melody is here and so we are a house divided. Melody is half the size of the other two. Sigh.Melody

Oh, Deer!

WSHS Symphonic Orchestra