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Not Inspired...

I did a walkabout today again in DC. The shots I was taking...er, captures, not shots, were mostly of federal buildings and so I wondered whether or not I would be accosted again. I was not but I saw lots of police and secret service. We walked around the Whitehouse and sadly missed the big demonstration on Lafayette Square. The only demonstrations that were left were the lady that's been there around the clock since 1981 or so, and a turkey. There were actually a few people, banners and everything, demonstrating that Americans should not eat turkey for Thanksgiving but instead should look for new alternatives: beef, chicken, lamb or maybe even fish. They had handouts and posters!! And they had the turkey strutting around...out in the open. But first, a squirrel. I had gotten down to shoot the names of battlefields that Sherman had fought in which were inscribed on the sidewalk. I sat up and this squirrel ran right up onto my shoe, no doubt begging for food!! Of course, I couldn't resist the shot, he was so close. If you look in his eyes, you can see my reflection.Posing the SquirrelSquirrel Hoping For A Handout __________________________________ Gobbler


D.C. National Mall "Cafes"