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Not That Long Ago

The leaves are almost completely gone from the trees, the wind is blustery, and the temperatures have fallen below freezing. Well...only once below freezing. We are still having unseasonably warm temperatures for November...70+ degrees F!!!! Months ago...which seems like either a thousand years ago or just yesterday...Kelsey and I were in California searching for a place for her to start the next part of her life. Seems like a thousand years since so much has happened in these few short months, seems like yesterday since I still smell and hear the ocean when I look at this shot and I still remember the wonderful time with Kelsey. This is a shot from the beach at Santa Barbara. A college that was "right out" shortly after we started the tour despite the "on the beach" lifestyle that Kelsey was considering. Or maybe because of it.Santa Barbara Beach 

D.C. National Mall "Cafes"

The Joy Of Strings