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Faces - The Ultimate In Storybooks

I am sure that people believe that I may be rude...I have this huge camera, I often point the camera at them and if not pointing at them, I might be staring at them. Sometimes I go and talk to them, not often, I'm a little bashful about doing that. But sometimes. The stories their faces tell or rather, the stories that I read in them are wonderful, sometimes gripping, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. On my Sunday DC walkabout, I had lots of faces to notice. Of course, I wanted to ask...but I didn't.______________________________This first is a gentlemen I sat next to on the ledge in front of the Museum of Natural History. I was fascinated by the intensity of his look and wondered where he was from, what he was thinking, and what was next for him. The hat reminded me of those from Mao's day.A Thousand Stories?______________________________Pedi-cabs have become much more popular in the last few years, in fact I think I've seen more this past year than ever. This driver was explaining to his packed in riders where they were going and what they would see. Almost as if he were orchestrating the upcoming visual symphony.Cabbie______________________________These last two shots were taken at the skating rink. The first is a happy, laughing pair coming into the rail to talk with their friends who were busy taking photos of them. I didn't understand all of what they were saying (in Spanish) but they were definitely having a great deal of fun. A second after I took the first shot, the guy (who was hot dogging a little), fell to the ice. There were even more laughs. Made me smile.couple-101Skaters

The Joy Of Strings

Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden