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Another DC Walkabout

I was late for my class today because I naively thought no one else would be going to downtown DC and so parking would not be a problem. Au contraire bison-breath. Not only was it a problem, it was impossible. Or at least it was impossible on the Mall. I ended up at La Enfant Plaza which was actually a lot closer than most of the other streets I had been searching on. Even then, our walkabout was a little short because of the in class review of our photos. This is a shot from the Folger Rose Garden looking into a window in the African Art Museum. If you look closely, you can see three lamps that are on the inside of the building. What fascinated me about this view was the impact that the three panes of glass had on the image. This is actually a reflection of two of the Smithsonian towers that look like 6 towers because of the three panes of glass. The trees that were around the window give the scene a surreal vignette, almost like a scene from Sleeping Beauty.Three pane reflection_______________________________These are bright aluminum tables and chairs shadowing and shining in the late afternoon sunshine at the Hirshborn Museum. I felt like Sam Spade should show up, sit down, and look around for a whiskey. I converted the shot to black and white to emphasize the film noir environment that I literally felt.Waiting for Sam Spade 

The Crane - D.C. State Bird

A Sad Week