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A Sad Week

Three days ago, Pauline, Diane's mother passed away.  She'd been ill for quite some time but was fortunate to have her great friend, almost a family member, Loretta by her side. Diane's Dad, Edward and Pauline were avid musicians who metPauline & Edin high school band, beginning a relationship that lasted for over sixty years.  With Ed’s entrance into the military they led the storybook Air Force life; enduring three wars during with Ed earning the Distinguished Flying Cross, creating a familyof four children, and experiencing the world.  Music, travel, animals, and gardening were their mutual interests.  Pauline had a particular love for growing and arranging flowers, filling their yard and house with beautiful blooms.  It's very disorienting to lose a parent, there's a gap there, where...well, there's never, ever been a gap before.  ______________________________Yesterday, my uncle Bob Jones passed away. Bob was my mom's little brother, a man with an absolutely glorious voice that brought tears to the eye and joy to the heart. His love for his family was extraordinary. And fun. A few years ago, my family went to a picnic family reunion with Bob's family. What a hoot! Great food, lots of laughs, water balloons. And NO POLITICS!Bob JonesI have so many special memories of Bob. He served his family, his church and his community. He so, so loved his wife and his sisters and brothers and his children and their children. And my family.Some might say he was occasionally stubborn, smilingly so. I think that might be a Jones trait. (It skipped my generation) When I saw him last in April, he honored me by giving me a part of the deck of the ship he served on during WWII, the USS Enterprise. He will be sorely missed but his memory lives on with his family, with my sister, with me, with my wife, and with my children. 

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