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Last of my DC Walkabout

The last week has been absolutely amazing for weather. Today the temperature was 81 degrees (F for you Canadians!). I mean, this is November! Usually the temperature is low enough that I can "believe" that the copperheads are hibernating. But---eighty---I'm thinking they are still laying in wait for me to set foot in the forest. So...I won't. As I was walking in front of the Archives last weekend, I noticed this woman seated on the "sitting ledge" and typing on her phone. Her nails were bright orange. I had to take this shot but wanted a closeup and so I asked her and she said yes. I wanted to stylize it a bit to give the hands an ethereal, artistic mood.Orange NailsThe shot below is from the fountain pond in front of the Navy Memorial. The other fountain just a few feet away was functioning perfectly, this one, not so much. That green shade in the water...that's not weird light, that's green stuff in the pond. ewwwGreen Pond 

A Sad Week

DC Walkabout III or Eye, Eye, Aye