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DC Walkabout III or Eye, Eye, Aye

The class I'm taking hasn't gotten me to walk any faster, quite the opposite actually. Part of the struggle is working up the courage to ask a complete stranger if they mind me taking their picture. I am fairly bashful and this isn't as easy as you might imagine.  The first shot is of a young lady sitting at the edge of the Navy Memorial plaza. I am always fascinated by hair styles and types and hers was very cool. She also had a "presence" and confidence that I really wanted to capture. And she said, "Yes." to the shot. So...A picture of confidence___________________________________Music always draws me to it like a moth to a light (but hopefully without the same sad ending). So when I heard a saxophone playing on the sidewalk next to the National Archives, I had to pay a visit. This gentlemen had a small amplifier and was playing with electronic accompaniment. The sound was much bigger than just his sax but the sax was the heart and soul of the music.Concentration___________________________________And, of course, this last one is of the season...paying homage to the beautiful colors of fall. What I find interesting about this shot is the care that the architects and designers took when designing this nook, this path to the restrooms in the Sculpture Garden that so many people probably walk through but never notice. I did and thought it was cool.Color of Fall

Last of my DC Walkabout

Walkabout Two...hmmm, or is that "too"