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Walkabout Two...hmmm, or is that "too"

The thing about cities (or maybe about anywhere) is if you look, really look, you can see the extremes of life very close together. I didn't say that very well, what I mean, is that if you look hard you can see the less than perfect right before your eyes...everywhere. For instance, when I first came to DC I admit that I was amazed at the number of homeless and how no one noticed them. But people do notice and do help, we just can't see that either. You really can't walkabout DC without being with the homeless, I just think most folks try to not notice. I took this shot on Pennsylvania Avenue, right across from the National Archives. Right next to where thousands of people walked. The flowers were in a curb urn just steps away.Asleep and probably aloneDowntown DC Flowers

DC Walkabout III or Eye, Eye, Aye

DC Walkabout