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Fall Is Here

What this means is that most Sunday afternoons, I will be without family companionship since Diane and Kyle are glued to the TV watching some sporting event. And of course, Kelsey is either studying or out with friends. But all of that is actually okay because then I can go on a short walkabout. Yesterday I went to Burke Lake.I walked about a third of the way around the lake and then turned around, I didn't have time for the entire five mile course. The first two shots were of a labrador who was out with his owners getting a swim in. The first is of him just after he got out, the next is him chasing the stick his owners had thrown out. Ironically, his owners were also doing some photo work.Labrador drying offSaving a stick!We know fall is coming because the dead leaves start to drop into the yard and driveway. Then we note that the leaves still on the trees are sort of dull yellow. That's the way it's been for a month. Or at least that's all I'd noticed. Until the Lake walk when I saw this brilliant crimson change with a light pink in the background. Time to get the Holiday decorations out! Just like Costco.First Fall Colors 


Rain...And the World Wide Photo Walk