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Rain...And the World Wide Photo Walk

Well, the weather was not quite so good today...or yesterday...or the day before. We have had several inches of rain and there was a threat (unrealized, thank goodness) that the hurricane Joaquin would turn inland. Hence, our photo walk was cancelled or delayed by the leader. I was already headed that way with my wrapped up camera and so decided to do my own abbreviated walkabout. It was a Winnie the Pooh kind of day, windy, gray, cold rain. I captured a few things of notice.This first is in Founder's Park, which is where we were supposed to start. The wind was whipping the rain around and making things a bit chilly. And everything was gray...until this woman walked by...I noticed the stark color contrasts.Founder's Park________________________I headed back down the street and took this shot of the Virtue Feed & Grain Tavern's patio area. You gotta love the palm trees in the cold rain. Not a lot of people about, even in late morning...a function of the rain and cold.Virtue Feed & Grain Tavern________________________Big changes are coming to the Old Town Alexandria waterfront, I hope it turns out okay. Some of the older buildings are being torn down and will be replaced by hotels, shops, and high end condos. The building below has always fascinated me...sort of makes me think that I have come upon an Pacific island prison in a World War II movie!What do you suppose they keep in here?________________________There are several old warehouses, port buildings, boat shops, etc., that are abandoned...or almost abandoned. Tough to tell in some cases because everything is boarded up, but I sensed movement or activity behind the shuttered windows. The decay didn't happen overnight so I'm guessing that the owners gave up on these buildings some time ago and were waiting for the big development opportunity. This is one of the warehouses...waiting for demo.Old Town Warehouse________________________This is the "Monte Byers," a boat built by the community shipbuilder (shipwright?) as a teaching aid for kids learning about what value sailing vessels had to Alexandria. The wind was relatively calm but you can still get an idea of the gray fall day we were having. The rain was a fine mist but almost constant. My camera was wrapped up cozy in its very own ThinkTank rain wrap.The Monte Byers

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