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Kirsten came home for a one day visit a few weeks ago and I had the chance to do a photo session with her for an hour or so...it was fun, Kyle helped and we all smiled and laughed and there were some good shots. The one below I added some effects to give the look an artsy surreal feel of looking through a window at Kirsten posing in the rain, even though she wasn't...but that took me me back to when she was actually in the rain. And having fun. Oh, so long ago. Yeah. Right. Just four years ago, almost to the day, when we were visiting Don and Chris in the high desert where seldom do you see rain in July. Except when we visited. The lower shot is of Kirsten in a desert rain storm just a few days after she graduated from high school.Kirsten Through The WindowKirsten In Desert Rain

School Year?

Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay