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Trying Something New

So for the first shot, Diane, I was trying to create a definite vertical line...light and black. I'm sure there is a name for this type of shot, but the name escapes me now. I was using a two lights, an overhead "hair light" that was actually a beauty dish and a large softbox on the right side of the photo. The idea was to create that sharp line but have a soft edge on all things Diane. I'm not sure that all worked out as I'd hoped and so I will try again in a week or so. Shows you how pretty she is, though, doesn't it!!! The second is of Kelsey; this was actually a five light setup that was probably a bit much. I think I should be able to get the same impacts with only two-max three lights. This shot was taken some time ago, before she had her hair cut off for "Locks of Love." Not sure when she will have time to sit for me again so am reaching back for this one...she is not enthusiastic about my photos anymore. Sigh...DianeKelsey

My Camera Is In The Hospital

Eye of the Tiger