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Motisola's Chili

This morning on our Old Town walkabout we actually started a little late...first breakfast with Bob and then and only then a walk to the market. Reason for the delay: the temp was only about 25F when we parked and AFTER breakfast there was a "balmy" temp--in the mid-30s. The Irish parade is today and so parking and street access was limited. And, there were not too many vendors, actually maybe only 6-10. One was a new vendor (new to us anyway), a chili stand: "Motisola's Famous Vegetarian Chili." The two women at the stand (owner/chef, I think) were smiling and happy to tell us about the chili. I will let you know the results of a taste test in a future post after I try a bowl later today. Their smiles were awesome and infectious so I had to take a couple of shots. We visited for a bit in the cold but then Kelsey and I had to move. They remained with their chili but their smiles made us feel good...we were glad we noticed the stand and that we stopped to chat.Great Smile & Hair!

Springtime! At last...