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Shell & HarperWhen I look at the shots I've taken, I reject most them as not good enough. Once in a while I have the time to re-look and reevaluate. I'm still doing that with the ones I took of Harper. These three were "on the cutting room floor" and were candidates for "adjusting" in  Photoshop. By reframing and converting the shot above, I tried to emphasize Shell's connection with her Harper and emphasize the extreme bond of mother and daughter.The shot below is a stylized "painted" view of Harper. I tried to subtly paint some of the skin, lips, and eyes to equal my vision of what the Gerber baby must have been like...back in the day.HarperI considered the shot below sort of a lost photo and it might still be. The photo has a great deal of empty white space and so I darkened the shadows and skin a little to pop the people out of the white. I'm still not crazy about, in fact, I think the shot is almost like two photos and when I think about that and look at each of them individually...then they're not bad. Look at Harper's face...look at Shell's face. I dare you not to smile!Harper & Shell

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Mother, Daughter, Daughter