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Wintertime Blues

I think the day-to-day unusual and unpredicatable temperature swings from 50 degrees to 8 degrees have thrown me off. Who knows but that's a good story and so I'm sticking with that theme.  The last two weeks have sort of flown by with little time to plan or reflect so that's a message to slow down...or at least acknowledge the speed of time racing by. And at my age, racing is not a good thing. Smile. I had the opportunity to drive around a bit yesterday taking Diane to a choir howyadoin' and even had lunch with Kirsten. I had a few hours to kill and took some snaps in Williamsburg. The day was actually great, in the 40s, until the drive home and then, bang, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and we ran into a squall line of blizzard. Shades of South Dakota. But, the day was good, just the last 20 miles of the drive home was not so good.At some time in our lives, I think everyone "wants a pony." That's what I what I was reminded of when I saw these two making friends with a horse in the pasture close to the Governor's Mansion.  I think the horse was either looking for more attention or an apple. Probably the apple. But, the scene made everyone smile. This was taken on Valentine's Day. Note the heart shape in her hair.Making Friends in WilliamsburgWhile walking around I stumbled into a small building that was definitely off the beaten track, one that I hadn't seen on previous trips. There was a sign on the door, "Please Come In" and so I did. As with other craft sites in Williamsburg, this was manned not by "actors" but by real craftsmen who were making tools and other required objects from wood, mostly oak. What they were doing with 18th century tools was actually quite amazing.Woodworker Stoking the FireThe craftsman below was working on a table leg, carving down a circular "peg" that would fit into the table he was building. The place and the people exuded a purpose, they were building for the community and were proud of what they did and wanted me to know how they did what they did and why. I very much appreciate their skills. I mucked with the colors a little bit on this one, I wanted more of a "Dickensian" theme--"please sir, may I have another?"Planing a table leg

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