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A Glimpse Into The Holocaust

I went on a walkabout to the Potomac River's Great Falls with my friend, Avi Bender. He gave me some great advice on portraits and we walked and walked and walked...he's a walker, I'm a wannabe. We took lots of photos and talked of many things ... I asked him about his family and he told me about his father and his mother, Holocaust survivors; I was more than intrigued. His father, Benjamin Bender, wrote a book, Avi gave me a copy, a signed copy: "Glimpses: Through Holocaust and Liberation."  I read it that night, the entire book. I am fairly certain Benjamin wasn't looking to win the Pulitzer for the book, no...I'm pretty sure he wrote it for me. And others like me. The chronology. The facts. The emotion---narrative emotion.  I cannot contemplate even a tiny bit of the horror. But I think I must, that's the point of the book, that's the point of remembering.  The ghetto in Czestochowa. Buchenwald. I tried to imagine carrying those memories and how he handled them. I decided that the worst time might be when you first wake up and there's that nanosecond to get oriented. I hope we remember.Great Falls 

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