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My "portrait" skills need work...my studio lighting knowledge needs to be expanded...so I asked myself---how do I amp up my people shots and find out more about lights? And, have fun. Whoosh, here I am. Union206 Studio was having a "Soiree" affair, a sponsored fashion show with professional models, hair, makeup, production, stylists, fashion clothes, photo op entertainment, refreshments, and a model shoot after the show. What better place for me, a rookie with zero, zip, nada experience. My model was Lauren, a pro with a great smile and superb lines and unbelievable patience as I tried to set up lights, measure lights, adjust, etc., etc. And, of course, I was a klutz...one of the lights blew out, the light stand wouldn't tighten (my fault), and on and on and on. I had originally intended to have three shots---an uber soft look; a surrounded by the light look; and a hard light "tired model" look. I did manage to get the very soft look, the surrounded look was a fail, the tired look...well, I got the hard light, changed lenses to get the bokeh. The first four shots below are of Lauren, they are more on the glamour side vice fashion. The last slideshow is some shots of the Soiree fashion show and photo ops. The first is Charles the studio owner and Bella the studio manager. A shoutout to Doncaster Clothing for providing the originals featured in the show. I also met Gigi McMillan, a style strategist with some very sparkling ideas for future shoots!LaurenLaurenLaurenLauren

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